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QT Appointments  

Get your schedule in check. Easily manage your bookings with our beautifully crafted software and keep your customers smiling

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

  Efficiently manage your appointments

  Capture walk-in customers

  Increase customer  satisfaction

  Create services with different pricing schemes

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This is what you need to help manage your customers and improve loyalty.


Just in case you wish to run a mini or full blown boutique
to sell your merchandise, we've got you covered


Successfully manage your lovely staff/employees with an all integrated platform


Organise, schedule, plan and analyse your projects with ease.

500+ companies run Queuetrac to grow their businesses.

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BarbersQ App 

BarbersQ is a smart and efficient way of managing queues at your shop. 

We are excited about BarbersQ because it is the technology any barber or stylist would dream of having. The solution combines the joy of handling appointments and the comfort of managing queues into a single platform.

This means your customers can save time by queuing from a distance and intern help you to achieve high customer satisfaction.

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